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Experiencing Real Cuban Music Lessons

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There is nothing more thrilling than spending a bit of your time travelling with the music on. This will add flavour to your trip, not to mention it will either make you feel excited or relax throughout your trip, depending on the kind of music you are listening to. Thank technology for making music more accessible today, but when learning them firsthand, you will need to approach a music teacher to teach you. Generally, the internet has already provided almost everything, but with a special kind of music like Cuban music lessons, you will need to travel to Cuba in order to experience personally what it feels to listen and learn the music they have.

When you travel Cuba, you will learn that every citizen there has a love for music. In fact, music is already embedded in every soul and is already a part of the culture of the Cubans, especially with the way they treat and communicate with each other – just like they are singing. In Trinidad alone, you will find a lot of musicians and among them, some can offer a few varying options which depends on your budget and your interests, too. You have a choice of arranging a single day workshop or even arrange private lessons with one of the prestigious and iconic Cuban musicians. Just do not forget to plan out what kind of music you want to learn prior to your visit in Cuba and pick a musician you would love to learn from. If your budget is not cut for private lessons, just look for packaged workshops where they teach an entire class the basics of Cuban music.

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There are different lessons that you can choose from. There are those that provide professional and non-professional lessons, depending on the instrument of your choosing. The instruments that Cuban music teaches are Cuban percussion, afro-cuban percussion, jazz improvisation, folkloric songs, mainstream or pop music, and a combination of practical and theoretical lessons for those who are interested to know more about how Cuban music came into being. Every student of Cuban music will be delighted to know how much the music in the country has evolved, yet most of them have remained rooted to its origins. You will even find some international music that has a blend of Cuban music into it. This is how influential the music in the country is. This is also the reason why a lot of travelers go to Cuba – to learn more about the music while experiencing the joy of traveling in Cuba.

The best way to experience Cuban music lessons is when you pair it with your travels. This way, you get to experience Cuban culture and at the same time get a taste and feel of what Cuban music is like. The lessons provided by most of the Cuban musicians are designed for the individual, the experience prior to your Cuban music lesson and the level that you want to achieve. The best way to learn Cuban music is to have a one-on-one session with a Cuban music teacher. All music teachers in Cuba are graduates from among the music specialist schools in the country and are handpicked according to their teaching prowess and instrument expertise.

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