Tips on Designing a Promotional T-shirt

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Many people think that designing a T-shirt used for promotion is an easy thing – just stamp on the logo at the chest, and it’s all done, right? Those who had the pleasure of working with designing and printing T-shirts know very well that it is not that easy.

Games T-Shirt

When you are designing with a T-shirt that will be used to promote a brand, keep in mind that you are not designing just some usual garment. Any material that is used for promotions is not supposed to look just pretty and cool. Its purpose is to communicate and at the same time advertise the product or brand. Because of this reason, there are certain rules that you need to follow.


You need to discuss the style that you are going to use to print on the T-shirt. Often there is a style guide, yet at the same time, there are none. Some of you are lucky enough that are working in a company that already has a book filled with pages detailing the steps on how to place the logo and the kind of colors that they should or should not use. There are even those that provide “spiritual” guidelines. If you don’t have these style guidelines, here are some of the things that you need to make it clear:


  • Set the target, its purpose and expectations in a general sense
  • Put a timeframe on how much time you need to design the promotional T-shirt
  • The things you can do and not do
  • Show some samples of what your audience will like to see


With all that in place, you start your drawing. The drawing phase is easy since all you have to do is just put up the outline. Let your mind freely draw anything that comes to mind when you think about the subject you are trying to portraywhile you design t-shirts.


It can be difficult for artists to get out of their comfort zone when they are working with an already established presence. Designers love to do something different, but the marketing directors that you are working for may not want to see their brand logo getting its reimagination, especially when you put up some fan art style. When it comes to this stage, it is best that you stick to the safe side. You present something creative and at the same time not going beyond the brand’s true image. You get to design a lot, so you get to present many samples and let them pick the one that is the best.